About Me

I am a Ph.D. candidate in economics at UNC-Chapel Hill and will be available for interview January 3-5 in Boston, MA at the 2015 AEA Annual Meeting.  My research interests primarily fall within the fields of empirical industrial organization and health economics.  More specifically, my research focuses on informational differences between inexperienced and experienced consumers within a market.  My job market paper investigates whether consumers learn about characteristics of the textbook market (e.g., price distributions, availability of retailers and product substitutes) as they repeatedly participate within this market, and the resulting welfare implications that these informational asymmetries generate.

While there has been a considerable amount of work done to explore consumer learning about their specific match with a product (e.g., individual-specific tastes or efficacy), little work has been done to understand learning related to characteristics of a market that are common across all consumers.  My primary research agenda is to examine how consumers learn about features of markets and how this affects consumer and firm decision-making.  This includes research into consumers’ beliefs about price distributions, the relationship between these beliefs and experience, firms’  ability to price discriminate on consumer experience, consumers’ search behavior within a market, and learning both within and across search decisions.

Contact Info

Address: 403 Gardner Hall, UNC

Phone: 803-427-2767

Email Address: fspence@live.unc.edu